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Terms & Conditions of hiring cab :
1. Kilometer and Time will be charged from office to office.
2. Please check the Kilometer reading and time on duty slip before sign the duty slip.
3. The working hours of driver is limited to 10 hrs/day.
4. Night halt charge is Rs 300/night and driver bhatta is Rs 150/day in case of package trip.
5. Toll gate and parking fee will be paid by guest.
6. The AC of vehicle is not allowed to be kept on at any circumstance in a standing/parking vehicle.
7. Guest is not allowed to change the travel destination without prior permission of Colorscab authority.
8. Colorscab is not responsible for any theft, loss, accident or breakdown.
9. Colorscab have the right to cancel the cab at any point of time if there is any dispute or emergency.
10. At the end of your trip please collect your goods and pay the due fare to Driver in cash.

Traveller (13/17)

(A) Up to 170 km trip/day: Rs 2500 + Rs 10/km
(B) Above 170 km trip/day: Rs 25.00/km

Sedan (4)

(A) Up to 250 km trip/day: Rs 1000 + Rs 5/km
(B) Above 250 km trip/day: Rs 9.00/km

Tavera (9)

(A) Up to 350 km trip/day: Rs 1300 + Rs 6.50/km
(B) Above 350 km trip/day: Rs 10.00/km

Innova (6/7)

(A) Up to 275 km trip/day: Rs 1500 + Rs 6.50/km
(B) Above 275 km trip/day: Rs 12.00/km